Word Cookies Red Velvet Level 12

Hello friends! Please find below Word Cookies Red Velvet Level 12 Answers.

Word Cookies is a world’s best words puzzle game, the aim of the game is to find all hidden words.

The idea of the game is simple you are given some letters in one cup and all you need to do is form all the possible words with those letters.

We has solved all Word Cookies Game and we have listed the answers below.

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Word Cookies Red Velvet Level 12


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  1. sarah handsaker

    these words don’t match the letters for this level red velvet level 12 letters are c,o,e,n,a, please help

  2. DeAnna

    I have the same letters that Sarah has canoe. These letters are not correct for Red Velvet level 12

  3. Sally

    I’m having the same issue as Sarah. My letters to Red Velvet Level 12 are c,n,o,e,a

  4. WordCookies

    Word Cookies Red Velvet Level 1 to 20 Complete Solved => https://goo.gl/aRYmFc


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